About TechNight

Do you use technology, but want to learn more? Do you need tips and tricks to make your Mac, PC, or iPod do your bidding? Do you want news and reviews to get you up to speed with the tech world? TechNight, now in its sixth season, provides everything for all geeks of all ages and experiences. It’s the news you need and the tech you love!

Jamie Diamond:
Jamie Diamond has been a lifelong geek and technology lover. A longtime podcast producer, Jamie originally served as the host and producer of The Different District Podcast in 2005, co-host and producer on “Generation Y” in 2006 and host and producer of “The MacApper Podcast” in 2007. Besides podcasting and pod-listening, Jamie sings, codes, and composes. When not keeping up with the latest tech news, he’s studying telecommunication at The University of Georgia in Athens.

Will Allen:
With a strong background in tech support, Will Allen joined as a TechNight contributor and substitute host in the Fall of 2009. Later that year, he assumed the role of principle co-host. Will enjoys gaming, all things related to the wacky world of the internet, and much more. His humorous and decisive take on tech news brings a fantastic new perspective to the show.

Paulius Gedrikas:
Paulius Gedrikas started as TechNight’s principal co-host mid-way through its second season. Before that, Paulius was a frequent contributer to the program, providing a unique body a knowledge and all-out IT skillz. He currently runs the Open-Powered web hosting company out of Montreal. Paulius now serves as a show contributor and executive producer.

Former Hosts & Contributers –

Jake Carter:
Jake is a ninja of technology and journalism. With a degree from the Grady College of Journalism, Jake brought talent to TechNight, along with his years of technical know-how and observation. Each week, in addition to giving listeners the scoop on the latest news and what it all meant, he would further demonstrate his ability to completely scare the pants off co-host Jamie Diamond regarding how unsafe his computing setup was. Diamond is still hiding under his blanket in fear of Mr. Carter. We wish him well.

Brad Mattison:
Brad Mattison joined TechNight in 2006 as a contributer on The Different District Podcast. Mattison was named co-host for TechNight’s second season premiere, and provided just the right balance of normal computer user and technology enthusiast to make TechNight both an informative and fun experience.