TechNight 38: Summer Game Preview

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 After a nice hardy vacation full of network issues and final exams, TechNight returns to kick-off its summer season! Thanks for sticking with us gang.


  • We’re back for our summer season
  • Paulius Gedrikas provides our bandwidth and sits in for an internet impaired Brad
  • Apple gets ready to drop DRM from EMI music on iTunes
  • It’s never too early to rumor monger about Apple and WWDC
  • Sony introduces a foldable display…you’ll never be able to buy one
  • Apple users get a security update
  • Top Numbers: Top 10 Games You Won’t Be Seeing This Summer
  • Summer Game Preview: StarCraft II, Planet Puzzle League, Half-Life, SimCity DS, and much more
  • Jamie reviews Pokemon Diamond and Pearl

Visit us online at http://www.technightradio.com and join the fun live at http://www.talkshoe.com

Running time: 53:23

Click to Listen Now (direct download)

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  1. technite_fan Says:

    Pokemon, yay! 🙂 If I had a DS, I’d buy it.

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